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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Embossed Holiday Cards

Last year I did a few embossed Holiday Cards and sold out.  With that success, I decided to create several renditions for this Holiday.  I have to do a holly card every year because I just love it. L

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cat Plaques

I painted  formica chips 2 years ago using spray paint and doilies.  I went through a phase that year using this technique on quite a few things.  Naturally, I did not get to all my ideas.  Since that time there has been a stack of these "PLAQUES" just waiting to be worked on.  Try as I may, I could just not get there as I did not have a good idea for them.  Suddenly it came to me last week and I went to work in phases to finish this project.  First, I painted flowers on 28 of them.  Then I added the cats in the garden and then I put a coat of gloss medium on them.  So here they are.  I think they are pretty sweet and hopefully at $12-$15 they will sell as a small gift for a cat lover.

New Original Cat Cards

The hand drawn cat cards that I made earlier in the year have sold out.  I needed to refill.  Friday night was spent cutting out 3 sheets of 3 different cats to collage onto both cards and some small wall hangings.  Here are some of the Cards.

  You might be wondering where did these backgrounds come from?  I have been going through old paintings that I don't feel are up to par and cropping them to use as cards. I also cut up a couple of old calendars and used pieces as backgrounds with my original cats.   I have called these cards Recycled Art cards.