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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

BBB2: Lesson 7 Spin Drawing for the under painting

Big Bold Blooms: Lesson 6 Using chalk/pastels and a brayer makes for mud.

Didn't like this lesson and of course did not like my outcome!

Ended up spraying over a stencil to clean up this backgrounds.  Did the background several times and then would brayer over it and into the blooms and all I got were dots of pastel all over and it went brown. Gave up!  Decided I don't really like using pastels except for details!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Lyn Whipple BBB2 Lesson 1: Seed Drawings

Lynn Whipple: Big Bold Blooms 2: Lesson 2: Tissue paper and rice paper florals

I know I am crazy but I just had to sign up for Lynn's BBB2 class.  I had so much fun in the first one this past Spring.  Here are the first 2 lessons.  Lesson 1 was making Seed Drawings to use as reference tools for the class.  Lesson 2 was doing 2 canvases using tissue paper collage and a rice paper technique I had not done before.  It was a lesson in lost control, but interesting.  Not sure that I liked it but did like the rice paper technique.  I have used tissue paper as collage many times and had forgotten how difficult and messy it is to cut, tear and glue tissue paper...