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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Getting Ready for Menucha! Ramping and Packing!

It's time once again for our semi-annual trip to Menucha Retreat Center in the Gorge. The Portland Art Collective will be there Friday afternoon till Sunday evening. I am ramping up! Actually more like packing up! I hate to admit it, but, I never can pack too heavily, as I never know just what I will want or need. One thing that I do know about our Portland Art Collective weekends is that, for me, they will be very PRODUCTIVE. I will get a lot done. A second thing is that I will have a very nice time with my friends.

We will be having a Trunk Sale in the parking lot on Saturday where we will all empty the contents of our packed trunks and offer up our "wares" for sale to benefit the group. We will take this money and help pay for our U-Haul truck and 2 movers for our December show. I started the process of cleaning only last night and will continue tonight. These sales are interesting as we exchange junk among ourselves and the junk inevitably ends up in a new home where a lot of it it shows up again at our Open Doors Show in a new creative format. The chain of life of creative junk.

New junk --here I come. Old junk--who wants you?

Valentine's Day Cards

New Holly Cards

Monday, May 10, 2010

Did I tell you I got a new Cat?

After the death of my kitty, Bella, I was very sad. A week later I knew I needed to get another kitty. It wasn't that the other two boys were lacking as I saw them really trying to pick up the slack by filling the void of Bella's loss. I just needed, wanted a kitty. I looked on craigslist for 3 weeks. It was too early for kitty season! I decided to adopt an older cat. That's how I found daffodil (Daffy.) I wanted an orange cat and she is beautiful.
Bringing an older cat into a home is almost as tough as bringing a baby kitten. I have been working very hard on loving and bonding and it is slowly paying off. At this point, Buster has accepted her and is being a good cat but Jazz is not. These pictures are of Buster and Daffy. Isn't she pretty?