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Sunday, June 23, 2013

New Series in the Works: Music

Music Series:  Blues Guitar

Music Series:  Jazz Guitar

Music Series:  Rock Guitar

Music Series:  Jazz Sax
Reworked version

Music Series:  Jazz Trumpet
Reworked Version
Music Series:  Rock Bass

Mary Lou Zeek ARTBLOX: My take on it...

The Portland Art Collective always has an art swap for our July Picnic. This year we are swapping an arted up (front and back) wooden block. We are swapping one, but giving others to MLZ. These blocks are for sale at Mary Lou Zeek's Gallery in Salem, OR. They are sold out of an old cigarette vending machine for $10.00 apiece. You don't get to choose which one you get as they are covered. The proceeds go to help artists in need. See below:

Call for Artists-ARTBLOX

The Mary Lou Zeek Gallery announces a call for artists to participate in our “ARTBLOX Project”, an ongoing promotion for artists.

ARTBLOX is a small vending machine that dispenses small blocks of artwork. We are asking artists to submit a jpeg showing their artwork to the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery. The gallery will respond after receiving an image to see if the artists work fits this project.

The ARTBLOX project promotes each artist while helping artists in need. Artists helping artists has been an ongoing project at the gallery with the Face The Public Show each October. Over the last 8 years, the artists have given their time to help other artists who are less fortunate and have encountered medical emergencies. The gallery will promote each artist who submits to this project with business cards and bios. (these will need to be included when submitting the blocks.)

Please contact the gallery if you are interested in our project. To read more: see www.marylouzeekgallery.blogspot.com

For more information, please contact the gallery via the contact on the webpage.