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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sigh! My house is now decorated!

Tree Upstairs

Tree Upstairs

Sumi and the tree in the Living Room


These Fitz & Floyd Reindeer were my Mother's.  I purchased them for her when I was in my mid 20's.

My sister- in- law, Jan,  collects these figures.  She gave me this one for Christmas one year!  I love it!

The big tree

The big tree
I always decorate the house a couple days after the show.  This year I had a Japanese International student, Sumi Wakae, visting.  She lived with me for a month 3 plus years ago on a cultural exchange program.  She helped me get the tree in the house, in the stand and straight.  It was touch and go there for awhile as it began to list but, tips from my boyfriend and tenacity paid off.  I am happy to report that the tree has not fallen over and I have not blown one fuse yet!  Amazing.  I must be learning from past mistakes!

I put up two trees each year.  The big one got smaller this year as I needed to be able to carry it in and get it in the stand alone.  It varies year to year from an old fashioned tree like this years' version to a more designer type tree.  The Traditional old fashioned tree has everything but the kitchen sink on it.  I have many ornaments made by friends, family and myself on it.  A lot of red, collectible glass ornaments, crystal and silver ornaments.  I have collected ornaments or things that could be used as ornaments all over the world in my travels.  Many are gifts from friends.  I use the larger multi- colored lights on this tree.  You never know what you might find on it.  I like this tree the best.  When we were growing up this was comfort to the soul for us kids.  At one point, my mother wanted to do color coordinated "designer" type trees and we hated them.  Poor Mom!  Trying to be creative and thwarted by her plebian kids. 
My designer big tree is made up of a plethora of red and fushia glass ornaments, crystal, silver and red poinsettias and glass vintage sprays.  I use little white lights on this one.  It is very pretty but I tend to miss the kitchen sink.

The smaller tree that I have upstairs also varies, but most recently it has been a designer  tree using different greens, blues and turquoises and peacock feathers.  It goes well in the room.  The other version is many misc sized red glass ornaments, with silver and glass ornaments.  This is the one I see most often as I tend to spend more time upstairs than downstairs.

Variety is the spice of life but familiarity breeds contentment and comfort.  Hope you are decorating up a storm and that you will be able to relax and enjoy the fruit of your labors!

Our big Open Doors show has come and gone

It was definitely a sucess monetarily and personally for all.  There is such a positive energy in the room that is hard to describe.  Thank you to all who came and enyoyed our little party!